Choose The Right Images For Your Social Media Pages

Your social media pages need to look the part, and it’s not as difficult as you think.

You may have your own ideas in your head as to what makes a good looking social media page. If we asked you, ‘What makes a good social media page?’ we bet that images and video are in the top 5. A visual representation of your business and the industry will get you a lot more engagement in the world of social, you just need to know how to use the best types images on your social media pages.


Of course, photos are the main type of image that you’d expect to be shared across social media, and with good reason! Over 95 million photos are shared on Instagram each day and a 2011 study found that 3.5 billion images were shared online. These numbers are huge, and you’d be mad to neglect the fact that using photos can give you a massive boost in interaction.

If you’re struggling with getting the right photos for your page, don’t panic! There are so many options and many are really quite easy to do.

Take your own photos.

Got your own camera or smartphone with a great quality camera? You can easily take your own photos of products or a service being carried out by your team. Technology these days allows it! You can easily edit your images too if needed and it’ll really give your customers an inside look at what you do. Show them you’re not robots!

Taking photos for social media page

Stock images.

If taking your own photos is out of the question for whatever reason, don’t panic! You don’t have to have a sad, image-less social media page with no customer interaction. Stock image sites are great for getting royalty free images that you can use whenever and wherever you want. Some sites such as Unsplash don’t require you to have a log in to download free images, but you may choose to create one anyway to have a reminder of the images you have downloaded.

Some accounts are free, but others may require a subscription to the site to download images for a monthly or yearly fee. You may wish to do a bit of research into these image sharing sites, as some may be better than others in terms of the style of images you’re after.


The best use of collages on social media would be through Instagram, although you can easily share these to other platforms too if you wish. Instagram has a handy external app that enables you to create a multitude of collage layouts to your hearts content, and very easily too! All it requires is for you to choose the images you like from your image folders, and choose the layout you like the best – Instagram does the rest!┬áThere is the option to create interesting collages using sites such as PicMonkey and BeFunky. These sites give you more editing options and are really worth having a play around with to see what you can come up with. You’ll need to decide whether you want to get to have a free account or a paid one, depending on the features you’ll be using.

The beauty of social media is that you can share, share and share again. When you’ve created a layout, you’ll have the ability to share your creation to all your social media pages if you wish.


Infographics are basically visual ways to represent information. If you have a lot of information to get across, the last thing you want to do is write a huge paragraph as your Facebook status, and then wonder why your interesting content hasn’t got any engagement. No one will want to read it! However, creating eye-catching infographics enable you to get your message across without boring your followers.

There are some great sites around that will help you to create the ultimate infographic quickly and easily – Canva being one of them. Sites such as this gives you an incredibly easy way to enter your information and get your infographic looking the part (and on brand!)

Quotes and images with text.

Everyone loves a good quote. Something meaningful that everyone can relate to, and really grabs those likes and shares! Using quotes and other images with text can attract the attention of your followers, as well as make them read the information without even realising they’re doing so.

Uploading a customer testimonial or any other bit of information about the industry this way is also a good way to direct people to your site. If people want to read more positive testimonials after looking at your image – give them a link to your site! Maybe you want more people to read your blog, or a specific page on your site. Choosing a valuable bit of information and showing it in the form of an image on your social media pages is a great way to direct people to places where you want that little bit more traffic.

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