Create A Facebook Marketing Strategy That Works

If you think a Facebook Marketing campaign for business isn’t necessary, then think again.

You’re on Facebook. You’ve created your business page and you’re slowly watching the likes roll in. Even though it’s great that you’re taking an active role in a social media marketing strategy for your business, this isn’t everything. For your strategy to be a success, you need to put thought and effort into it for it to make a difference. If you’re new to a Facebook strategy, it’s actually more simple than you think to create. You just need an imagination and that extra bit of time on your hands.

Why Facebook?

Facebook continues to be one of the top Social Media platforms around, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Where better to create a business page than the one platform where billions of people have an account? Those billions of people are your potential customers who you really want to reach. Using a Facebook page as part of your social media marketing strategy will increase your exposure to these potential customers and will also generate more leads for your business, providing you have all the necessary contact details.

Another top reason a Facebook business page is great for your marketing plan is that it is totally free, and always has been! What’s better than a free option to promote yourself online? Businesses jump at the chance for free places to market themselves, and you shouldn’t be an exception. You can target your audience free of charge, unless you’re planning on running ads.

Your Facebook Marketing Strategy.

To ensure you’re at the top of your game when it comes to your Facebook presence, there are certain steps you should take to succeed. The first pointer being to customise your page to suit your brand. This means making customers recognise your page through seeing your business logo, your premises or any slogans you have. If not, they’ll think they’ve come to the wrong place and be more inclined to leave before having a browse. Making your page look professional with well written copy is the starting point to keeping people interested in what you’ve got to say.

Interesting content.

A range of creative content ideas will keep your followers interested. Better still, they are more likely to look forward to seeing your content each day instead of getting annoyed at it. Making sure you post at the right times will ensure that, A. You don’t spam your followers with too much content, and B. You will get more people seeing your content if you post at the right time of day. A range of content can include images and video, polls, testimonials – the list goes on! Don’t post the same type of content constantly, or people will get bored and switch off from your business.

Facebook Ads.

If you’re willing to spend a little money on Facebook alone to help give your strategy a leg up, it can definitely be worth it for a number of reasons. Spreading the word about your business goals, the industry you’re in or about something new, Facebook Ads is the way to really get it noticed. To grab the attention of those all important customers and to target a new audience to bring in their custom too! Videos in particular are a brilliant tool to get people’s attention and are also the most preferred type of content on the web. Hurrah!

Engage and interact.

Social Media is meant to be a place where people talk about ideas, chat with people and generally put their opinions across. Get into the habit of interacting with your followers when they comment, share or direct message your page. You’ll build their trust and reliability as well as appear human to the world!┬áBy simply asking your followers to join in the conversation, you can also help drive Facebook engagement. People love to put their opinions across and to have a good discussion about certain topics.

As well as getting to know your followers, it’s even worth getting your colleagues to give their input into your Social Media strategy. The beauty of getting others involved is that you’ll always have a flow of ideas and it also spreads out the workload a little – we know you’re all busy people!

Keep insights in mind.

Facebook Insights is a way to check how your posts are performing. It gives you a detailed look into the depth of your Facebook marketing strategy which needs to be analysed if you want to know what’s working and what isn’t working as well. Looking at the engagement of your posts and how they are performing can give you an idea of what sort of content is popular with your followers so you can use more of it!

If you look through the Insights page of your business page, you’ll get an in depth breakdown of your posts, followers, any promotions you have and actions people have taken to get to your site. You can even see the difference in engagement from one week to the next, so it’s definitely worth researching.

Schedule in advance.

You don’t have to log into your Facebook account every day, multiple times a day to upload your content. The beauty of the scheduling tool is that you can schedule in content in advance without the need to disrupt your work day. There are even Social Media Management tools such as Sendible or Hootsuite which gives you the opportunity to schedule in posts over a number of different platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Need a hand with your Facebook Marketing strategy?

If you need a little extra help with using Facebook or with creating a strategy for any popular social media platform, then get in touch. Our Social Media experts are waiting to help you create the ultimate strategy for your business. Let us help you grow your following and get you more of that all important custom.

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