Creative Content That Gets People Talking!

Filling your Social Media pages with creative content doesn’t have to be a chore!

People are on social media all the time. They scroll down their news feeds like they’re scanning the morning paper, just wanting to see that something that catches their eye and makes them react.

There! We said it – eye catching content!

If you don’t post creative content, you can kiss new followers and potential customers goodbye. Just think – would you prefer reading a big block of boring text every day, or a nice mixture of images, videos, blog posts and articles? Yes, us too.

So where do you begin? What content do people on social media engage with the most? How can you make your content look it’s best?


Does your website have a blog? If not, why not?! A blog on your website that you regularly update with regular, fresh new content is firstly great for Google to see in terms of SEO, but it also gives you content to share with your online following. Think of the things people who are looking for your product or service want to know. Think about the different things your business does, that your customers may not know, or perhaps explain how a product works. If your blogs are well written, interesting and include new information invaluable to a customer, then you’ll be in for some engagement. Asking questions about their thoughts and ideas is also a great way to get a conversation going.


Videos on social media are the main trend at the moment. There are lots of businesses that are not using video at all, or are using it very rarely. If you’re not using video, why not? Do you think it’s too difficult? Perhaps you don’t know where to start? You may be very pleasantly surprised to hear that it’s actually very simple to do these days, are there are loads of tools on the web to help you do it.

Using sites such as Promo enables you to create short, easy video that looks the part and that gives all the information you need to get across to your followers. Videos on Facebook are viewed 100 million times each day and by 2020, 80% of all consumer internet traffic will be from video. It really is worth investing the time into it!

Images and GIFs

People love a good GIF! GIFs and images are really quick, snappy ways to grab the attention of your followers, and are more inclined to give a like, share or retweet when seeing something they like. Doing a bit of research into your own previous content, such as blogs on your website that have performed well, can give you ideas on the sort of topics to post about that will be more popular.

Create ‘how-to’ links

If you know what you’re talking about and you’re experts in the business, sharing your knowledge with others will be greatly appreciated by your followers. Creating blogs or videos to show how something is done, or how to achieve success. This is that interesting content we were talking about!


Testimonials give your followers information about what your service is like. You’ll obviously be proud of the service you’ve provided for your customers in the past, so why not shout about it? On your Facebook page, your customers can leave reviews of your business which you can then share around. It’s even worth showing them on your website for potential new customers to see. If they see nothing but good testimonials about what they have received from you, you’ll get nothing but positive reactions!

Statistics and quotes

We bet we can knock your socks off with some statistics:

  • 50 million businesses use Facebook pages.
  • There’s over 20.1 billion people on Facebook today.
  • 500 million tweets are sent each day.

Incredible, right? Your followers will love some interesting statistics that may shock them and make them think, especially when related to your business or things they’re interested in. The same goes with interesting quotes from well known people, which may explain a product or service in a completely different way – people love to learn new information and is something that is shareable!

Add emojis 😊

When writing a post, emojis can make you appear more friendly (and human!) and have their benefits when used appropriately. We don’t mean spam your followers with stars or animals, just add a little bit of a smile or laughter where appropriate – you’ll be surprised how people react.


Who doesn’t love a competition? Getting something for nothing is popular across the board, no matter which social media platform you’re using. It’s something that will get people liking, commenting, sharing or retweeting, without you needing to do a great deal. Use some hashtags, perhaps run an ad, and see what sort of engagement you get from it.

Recently, Facebook have altered their terms and conditions stating that you cannot ask for shares or ask for likes or tags for entries into competitions and giveaways. If you’re thinking of running a competition, you’ll have to think of some creative ways to get people liking or sharing, without necessarily asking for it. You don’t want your content removed!

Do you need help creating your social media content? If you need a hand getting creative, you’ve come to the right place! We’d love to help you. Get in touch with us today – let’s have a chat!

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