Get Creative With Instagram Marketing For Your Business

Instagram marketing is becoming a popular social media choice for people across the world. How can your business get the most from it?

There are a whopping 800 million Instagram accounts from across the world, which is why looking into this platform as another way of promoting your business is a good idea! Each day, there are 500 million active users, and this number will include a lot of your target audience. People generally tend to keep up with the trends when it comes to social media, so getting your business going through Instagram Marketing is another way to engage people in what product or service you provide.

What is Instagram Marketing?

If you’re not too familiar with Instagram Marketing, the platform is photo and video based, mostly used as a mobile app. The app allows you to take photos and videos, or upload them straight from your image library to your account, and has the option to add a filter to your image, (because everyone loves a good filter, right?!) The filters are there to enhance the images you upload to your account to make them look their best and to give them the professional and eye-catching effect for your followers’ satisfaction.

Grab their attention!

The app allows people and businesses to follow other accounts, so updates will always be available in your news feed from accounts you’re interested in. It’s always a good idea to start following the accounts of those who like similar things to the product or service you are selling to catch the attention of potential new customers and also to grow your following further!

To ensure you’re grabbing the attention of the right people, it’s a good idea to do some research into #hashtags. Tagging the right words in your post is very beneficial and will enable you to get a bit more of an idea to what your audience like and what they aren’t so keen on. Using sites such as Hashtagify will show you the most popular tags for certain subjects and topics, which will make things a lot easier when applying the tags to your posts.

So…how can you get creative with the Instagram app and external apps?

Instagram Marketing isn’t just a case of making your photos look pretty on a mobile – the platform allows you to do much more than that! With external apps from Instagram itself, there are a number of ways you can really make your posts stand out from the rest.

Instagram Stories

In 2016, Instagram gave users the ability to post images and videos onto their personal ‘stories’ – a section of the platform where you can instantly share what you’re doing or something exciting that may be happening for your business. You can bring your Instagram story to life even more, and personalise it by adding text and using drawing tools. Your stories will only be available to view for 24 hours and won’t appear in your usual posts.

The beauty of Instagram Stories is that you can post as much as you want throughout the day without worrying about spamming your followers and worrying they’ll unfollow you because of the amount of content you’re uploading! No one likes to be bombarded with information and it could turn people aware from you business if you do.

It’s also easy to see which of your followed accounts have uploaded a story as they’ll have a colourful ring around their main image. This is what other people will see when you post a story, as well as it appearing at the very top of your Instagram news feed – and people will want to see what you’ve got to say! When people click on your story, they’ll be able to scroll through as many updates as you’ve posted, so make sure they count and make an impact!


As an external app from Instagram, Layout allows you to create a collage of images in a variety of layouts, mixing them up how you like and sharing them to your followers. As with Instagram’s original app, it allows you to take photos on the spot for your collage, or you can select them from images you have already taken from your library. When your layout is complete, you have to option to upload your creation to Instagram, where you can edit the filter and the text – make sure you’ve done your #hashtag research so you can tag relevant words that will get your post seen!

Instagram have made it incredibly easy to place images into Layout and to resize the images and sections as you see fit. The app is fun to use and the styles and designs you can create with your images are endless. Images can also be flipped and mirrored to fit with each other, and you can also create a border to split up those images a little clearer.


A mixture of image and video, the Boomerang app from Instagram transforms your post into a…Boomerang video! This app is a creative way to tell your stories; record a short snippet of video and watch it rewind and replay to your heart’s content. It’s a well known fact that videos tend to create the largest engagement across social media, and Boomerang videos are a ridiculously easy to record and simple to upload.

To use Boomerang effectively, you first need to find something interesting to film a snippet of. Depending on your business ‘persona’, you may choose to create something funny, or perhaps of someone using a product you make or supply. As the app ‘boomerangs’ the snippet of recording, you should create some movement. Find an interesting movement to share, and press that record button!

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