Appear Human To Your Social Media Followers

Your social media followers will be more obliged to interact if you appear human.

You’ve done the extensive Google search on how to run a successful Social Media campaign and you’ve got your Social Media strategy ready to go. You’ve done the research about how to grow your online following  and return on investment, it something somewhere isn’t converting…and you feel like tearing your hair out! Have you thought about making some subtle changes that could really make all the difference?

It goes without saying that we’re not robots. Our businesses don’t become a success overnight through computers and technology alone. If humans didn’t ever press those keys or pick up that phone, there wouldn’t even be a business! It’s great to get your social media followers aware of this, and there are certain touches you can include that will make them aware of your friendly team behind the scenes. Better still, you’ll not take up all your time doing it.

You’ll build the trust of your customers and letting them into the human side of your company will show a different side of you that they’re actually pretty eager to see!

Speak on first name terms.

The people you talk to on social media will appreciate being spoken to correctly, which means being on first name terms! If you’re responding to a customer comment, request, message or a review, make sure you greet them with their name and, likewise, sign off as yourself. You’ll appear much more friendly that way and they will probably feel more comfortable coming to you with any issues they may have or any comments they wish to make.

Show the goings on in the office.

If you’re having a team building day, or if something out of the ordinary is happening at the office this week, share it! Here at Bigfoot Digital, we do a lot of fundraising events where we raise money for charities close to us, and have a ‘Bigfoot Day’ once per month. Letting people virtually in the office or in your work environment builds trust with your followers and makes you appear more approachable.

You may bring up the point that your business doesn’t have time to do anything of the sort, as you’re always too busy. While this is appreciated, there is always something you could do. Perhaps it’s just a case of taking a photo of your festive office during the Christmas season or maybe a bit more information about your hard working team. After all, your business wouldn’t run the same without them!

Grab that emotional connection.

There’s nothing more lovely than praising your staff members for all the hard work that they do. At Bigfoot Digital, we are so grateful for all the hard work each of our staff members carries out on a day to day basis. We wouldn’t be the same without each and every one of them!

There…the emotional connection! We know you felt our love and it is proven to work.

If there’s a new member of staff joining your team, if a member of staff is leaving your company for a new venture, or if you simply want to address an issue in the press, express your gratitude and thoughts and get a surprising reaction!

What’s your personality?

Do you come across as being too serious on social media? Or seriously boring? Either way, this could be the wrong route to take and could really impact the amount of engagement you receive from your followers. If your business is light and fun – make people aware of it. Your brand will come with a tone of voice depending on the industry. You just have to find this!

Your brand personality on social media is important. 80% of people claimed that they preferred a brand that was engaging and that provided fun responses to those that just poked fun at competitors. Keep this in mind the next time you create a post to get the most response from your social media followers.


There are mixed thoughts on the use of emojis, but we find that if you use them appropriately, they can indeed make your posts stand out and come across as more friendly to your audience. The emoji trend on social media won’t be disappearing any time soon, so it is worth getting stuck in.

The language of emojis is universal. Anyone can look at a post that includes them and guess the topic, even if there is text in a language you can’t translate! They can portray a message that you want to get across. You can make people feel your happiness or excitement, or even entertain them through a few smiley images!

Keep an eye on the amount of emojis you use in your posts, however. There is the danger of overusing emojis on your post which may make you look a little spammy 🙁

(see what we did there?)

Ask for their input!

When you follow some of the previous points, asking for the input of your followers will be so much easier – and they will listen! When people see you as being a friendly and genuine business, they will be more inclined to comment, share or engage with a post or piece of content. However, be careful when asking for shares and likes, or when requesting tags. Facebook in particular have updated their guidelines which includes the changes to asking for engagement. It’s worth having a read through their terms and conditions before posting something which could go against their rules.

Competitions and freebies.

Everyone’s seen those pages on social media, claiming to be legitimate companies giving away the holiday of a lifetime or the latest model of car. The page full of spelling mistakes and people across the globe unfortunately fall for it. If you create an online presence which is trustworthy and transparent, sharing news of the competition winners and people who have grabbed their freebies, it will be clear to everyone that you mean business and that you don’t let your customers down!

If you’re looking to improve your social media marketing strategy, you need help creating the right tone for the online presence of your company or your interested in boosting your social media pages, then get in touch with the experts. We love to get businesses the engagement they need to grow!

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