The Importance Of Hashtag Research!

To get your content spotted by the right people on social media, carrying out hashtag research should be high on your priority list.

These days, hashtags are what makes the social media world go round. They get your social media content noticed by the right people and it’s rare to find someone who doesn’t know what they are! Doing your hashtag research is important to get a reaction you want from your followers, but where do you start? Perhaps you want to find the most popular hashtags on Twitter of all time, or how to do hashtag research for Instagram. Look no further – we’ve got you covered.

The basics of hashtags and hashtag research.

You’re right. A ‘hash’ was once only known as a key on your mobile phone that everyone didn’t think was necessary. Something you’d only use when thinking of numbers or when topping up your mobile phone back in the day. Nowadays, the hashtag has a whole new meaning, one that brings joy to social media marketers everywhere, (and those who want to rake in the likes.)

Hashtags are now a way of categorising your posts and a way to make your posts more searchable. It also makes it easier to search for specific posts already out there. Basically, hashtags are a great way to market your business and using them on your social media platforms will make you more visible. Something that we all want!

To make sure you’re not just tagging your posts for the sake of it, you need to make sure that you’re using the right tags. If you’re using tags that no one has ever used before, then it’s very unlikely that anyone will search for a them and you’ll be wasting your time (and your character count!) That’s where doing in depth hashtag research comes in. It’s a task that is worth doing and one you’ll see a difference from. You just need to set some time aside and make sure you do it properly! Doing a Twitter search or Instagram search for what’s trending will definitely help you out.

Where do I start with hashtag research?

The first obvious thing you need to keep in mind is your content. Creating great quality content will instantly give you a leg up when it comes to getting noticed, so your images, videos, blog posts, whatever it is needs to be interesting! So, how do you know which tags to use in your content?

Be specific and keep it relevant.

You need to be specific when tagging your posts. You don’t want to be posting an image of a certain product and tagging about something completely different! People will just get irritated with your content and either ignore you or unfollow you, and the whole point of being on social media in the first place is to grow your following.

Your main hashtag must be memorable, especially if you’re creating a campaign. Any other hashtags you use should represent what your company and brand stands for, and any others that are relevant.

Use the right tags for the right platform.

Depending on the platform you’re using, the hashtags that are more popular may vary. There will be certain tags that people use on Twitter for example, that may not be used as much on Instagram. It’s crucial to look into hashtags for different platforms, or you may find yourself faced with a number of hurdles.

Some social networking sites have their own guidelines for choosing hashtags, such as this one for Twitter. It’s essential that you keep these rules in mind a choose a hashtag that will work for everyone!

Twitter trends

Follow the trends.

On social media, there are always trending subjects. Things that the people of the world are talking about. These subjects could be news stories, an amazing new product, a company… it could even be something that you could post about!

If you see any trending tags across social media that are relevant to your business, grab them! So many people are talking about these trends that you can easily join in the conversation and get noticed. Only use tags that a suitable or your credibility as a business will go south.

But…don’t over do it!

There’s nothing worse than seeing a post with hundreds of hashtags, and in some cases, we’re not even over exaggerating… just throwing in any old hashtags into your content really turns your post into an unattractive one and it’s quite obvious that these kind of posts only get put out there to grab more likes. This is actually bringing the wrong kind of audience, they really don’t intend to use your business or purchase your products.

Choose your tags wisely, and you’ll easily be able to target the audience you want instead of getting spammed with unnecessary engagement.

To help you along with your hashtag research, there are sites you can use to work out what the most used tags are in a specific place or for a certain topic. It’s worth checking out sites like Hashtagify or Keyhole to see what you can come up with to accompany your content.

If you’re looking for a little more information on the importance of hashtag research or you need some help with your social media marketing strategy, get in touch with us – we’d love to help you out! We have an expert group of social media marketers, who are eager to get started on your new strategy.

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