Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts?

If you’re on with the task of managing multiple social media accounts, don’t panic!

The world of Social Media accounts can be a whirlwind of posts and Tweets. Sometimes, it can feel rather overwhelming, especially when there’s more than one account to manage! You can’t expect to keep a diary of when you need to log into your Facebook account, how many times you need to Tweet a day or when you last uploaded an image on Instagram – it’s not humanly possible to juggle this and your day to day life too! Despite all the work that’s needed to create an effective social media strategy, you don’t need to panic. There is a solution! You just need to have a little faith.

How on Earth can you easily plan all the posts you need to throughout the day without pulling your hair out? You need to use a Social Media Marketing Management Platform!

What is a Social Media Marketing Management tool?

73% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands that are responsive on social media. This goes without saying that having an engaging presence on the platforms available to you is essential to bringing you and your business more custom. Social media management tools can help a great deal.

Social Media Marketing Management tools enable you to schedule posts on a variety of social media platforms. The post can be scheduled as soon or as far in advance as you want, and as often as you choose! Be sure to do your research on how often to post on social media platforms to make sure you’re getting the right engagement and that you aren’t spamming your followers unnecessarily.


As a user of Social Media Management tools ourselves, we like to use Sendible. Sendible enables you to organise your social media posts in a simple, great looking tool. The interface honestly looks like you’ve just logged into your email account ready to catch up with your inbox, as that’s what incoming comments, retweets and shares can be seen in!

Sendible for Social Media Accounts

The easy to use side bar navigator allows you to do many actions and see different posts, whether they’re due to be posted in the future or have already been posted.  As we said previously, the Inbox of your Sendible account features all the new comments and other interactions that your followers have made on your posts, all in an easy to see list. The Outbox is split into more items.

Sent – this shows the posts that have already been posted and which social media platform they have been posted on.

Scheduled – these posts are what have been scheduled in across your different platforms, showing the time the are scheduled for and which platforms they are due to be posted on.

Queued – this feature enables you to create posts related to a particular subject or campaign. You can later see how these performed and the effectiveness of it.

Draft – exactly what it says on the tin! The posts that you have created but don’t want to send out just yet get stored here.

Calendar – A way to view all your upcoming posts in a calendar format, for all your different platforms.

Bounced – any posts that couldn’t be published for any reason will be displayed here, along with the reason why the post was unsuccessful.

There are so many other little features across Sendible that make social media posting a walk in the park! It’s worth having a play around to see what you can find and if this is the management tool for you.

As well as Sendible, there are other options to get organised with your content and to keep in the know with how your followers are interacting and engaging with it. Other sites to try out include Hootsuite and Sproutsocial – each have their own way of organising your content and you may prefer the interface of one better than the other. The main differences of each are:

  • Interface/organisation: if you prefer the simpler layout rather than drop down boxes and menus, then Sproutsocial is one to look at. Sproutsocial has an organised dashboard and navigation bar, whereas Hootsuite may take a bit more getting used to.
  • Scheduling and publishing content: there are many limitations to Hootsuite when it comes to scheduling and publishing your content. It’s ‘bulk scheduling’ feature is good, allowing you to schedule 350 posts in advance, but you may have some issues with where a shortened link appears in your post or the images you want to share. Sproutsocial’s auto scheduling feature is definitely something the play around with however, as well as ‘ViralPost’ which can analyse the best times for your content to be published.
  • Analytics: for Hootsuite, you can only grab yourself a report if you use it’s paid service. Sproutsocial enables you to see a full report, no matter which type of account you have with them.
  • Accounts: both management tools really ace it when it comes to the amount of accounts you can link. Hootsuite does have a limit of 30 accounts, however, so may work for some people than others.

Weigh up the pros and cons from these social media management tools and find the one that works best for you and your business. You’ll soon be keeping up to date with scheduling and publishing content without wasting time – we know that it’s precious!

Are you thinking about a management tool or need help with your social media management in general? We’d love to help you get to where you want to be. Get in touch with us today, we’re more than happy to have a chat!

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