What The New Instagram Scheduling Tool Means For Your Business

Businesses across the globe are celebrating a long-awaited change…the new Instagram Scheduling Tool!

Despite Instagram getting numerous updates over the years, the Instagram Scheduling tool has been the one thing on people’s minds. Since the start of Instagram in 2010, the platform has grown considerably – from a brand new shiny app allowing users to share photos of their dogs and beautiful landscapes on their evening walks, to carrying out hashtag research and analysing Instagram business insights.  Finally, in February 2018, developers have listened to millions of business users world wide to give them what they’ve been asking for for a while for timed Instagram posts. And we’re all very happy about this change!

As many as 80 million photographs are being shared on Instagram today, with 3.5 billion people liking these images daily. Those numbers are huge and just shows that there is huge potential for the app – not just now, but over the next few years where it is expected to grow even further. What businesses have really called out for before today is the option to schedule in multiple posts over a period of time, without the need to log in multiple times a day, where people don’t really have the time for it.

Instagram basics.

Instagram brings the obsession of mobile photography into the social media world. More and more people are grabbing new phones with incredible camera quality. Physical cameras are quickly going out of fashion as the next mobile handset is released. Why would anyone want another device, when their mobile device does everything you’d ever need…and more?

The mobile app allows users to take images on their phones, upload them, add a filter, make them look pretty and add it to their ever growing profile for the world to see. And don’t forget about #hashtags! People add hashtags to their images to reach a wider audience. To pull in those likes from as many other profiles as is humanly possible. To get noticed on social media.

Let’s not forget about Instagram insights; a great feature to help businesses keep a track of the content they’re posting and the followers they are gaining. Insights breaks down your account, analysing your activity and helps give you a better idea of how each of your posts have performed. This handy little tool in Instagram’s app itself also gives you an overview of where your followers are from and their age ranges. This is a great way of showing businesses their following, allowing them to see whether their correct audience has been targeted. If not, it can highlight that changes need to be made.

Let’s face it. Instagram is growing, and it’s not slowing down!

Why was this change needed?

When scheduling posts on social media platforms, businesses with more than one account to manage tend to use a social media management tool, which helps to plan in advance and schedule posts on different platforms, to save time (and their sanity!) However, with many businesses setting up Instagram accounts, they were unable to schedule what they needed in their chosen tool, such as Sendible or Hoostsuite, or even on Instagram itself. The way of the Instagram world was to create new posts, save them as drafts and then log in and post whenever they chose. Even though this method saved a little bit of time, it still wasn’t enough to satisfy the needs of businesses. It wasn’t practical and being able to use this on a scheduling platform instead was still a feature that had business users crossing their fingers.

Light at the end of the tunnel.

After years of asking Instagram to make the all important change, there has been at least some progress! The option of the Instagram scheduling tool to post through a social media management site was granted recently by Instagram itself. A platform that has recently jumped on the Instagram wagon is Hootsuite, who are now providing their users with direct scheduling and publishing to Instagram. This has been a request that Hoostsuite users have been asking for for a while now and they have finally delivered. All good news here!

Your Hoostsuite account will enable multiple users to access the new tool and to schedule in a large amount of content for the future. You’ll be able to schedule in your content just as you would with your Facebook or Twitter accounts. However, there is a little bit of temporary bad news – not all platforms are onto this just yet.

What can we expect from the future?

Of course, the way we use the new Instagram Scheduling tool will change as more social media management platforms come on board. At the moment, we are limited to it’s use, as not all businesses use Hootsuite for the scheduling and publishing of their posts. Things will be a lot easier for everyone once more platforms get involved – we’re welcoming the changes with open arms!

As with all businesses, we’re very happy about the Instagram change. However, at Bigfoot Digital, we know that creating a Social Media Strategy and running multiple social media accounts can be a difficult task. How do you create enough incredible content for your customers, vary it to satisfy their needs and run your business at the same time? When you’re constantly busy in your day to day work, you may feel it’s next to impossible to grow your following and direct people to your business. There is help available to you.

Get in touch with the Social Media experts at Bigfoot Digital.

At Bigfoot Digital, we have a dedicated and knowledgeable team of Social Media marketers ready to get to work on creating your social media strategy. We know what to do to give you content a boost, which social media platforms you should be on and how to really get those engagement rates up! If you’d like more information about our Social Media services or want to have a chat with our friendly team, feel free to get in touch with us. We’d love to help your business and get it where you want it to be.

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