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Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Marketing: Creative, Visual Social Media

Pinterest is a place to get inspired, find DIY projects, plan your next home renovation and for businesses to market themselves and sell products. Think of it as an online bulletin to group and share your creative ideas. Pinterest marketing can be a key aspect of your social media strategy, if you are looking to sell online, increase your visibility or get website traffic. In recent years Pinterest has seen a resurgence in popularity, with a 50% increase in monthly active users since 2017. Alongside this, the platform are regularly adding more features to appeal to businesses. There are many reasons why Pinterest can be a worthwhile platform for your business to be on. 

Pinterest Marketing for Business

Creating a business account on Pinterest has multiple benefits. Pinterest is a huge driver of website traffic across all industries, and is responsible for about 5% of all referral traffic. A huge 73% of active users have bought something because they saw it on Pinterest, which shows the real ROI that you can get marketing on this social media platform. The audience on Pinterest is mostly female, young and from higher socio-economic groups. They are spenders, and are open to being influenced on buying decisions based on what they see on Pinterest. 

There are many aspects of Pinterest that are useful for businesses. Rich Pins enable you to access more features if you post articles, sell products, write recipes or sell apps. For example, if you sell a tangible product on your website, you can enable Rich Pins to provide the user with real time pricing information, availability and highlights the product by emboldening the text. 

You can add ‘Save It’ buttons to your website to allow people on your website to save your images directly to their Pinterest page, allowing further integration of the user and your business on the platform. 

Pinterest allows you to add a website link to every image you upload, to give the user a place to go if they want to see where the original pin resides online. This allows you to increase your referral website traffic, and direct people from the social media platform onto your website to hopefully convert into customers. 

Our Marketing Strategy for Pinterest

Our social media marketing services for clients involves a wide range of work on Pinterest. Initially we set up your Pinterest page, or optimise your current page. This involves ensuring your profile contains a website link, optimising your profile name and description, and adding a good quality logo. We claim and verify your website and enable Rich Pins if they are applicable to your business.

Then we get started on the creative aspect! Pinterest marketing is all about inspiring your followers and giving them content that will help or guide them in their personal lives. Think about your ideal customer’s lifestyle, and then work outwards to create boards that appeal to that lifestyle. We research your business and industry and collaborate with you to understand your ideal customer. We then start creating Pinterest boards on relevant topics that complement your business whilst also appealing to your followers. The next step is adding pins to boards, sticking to a ratio of around 80% your own pins and 20% re-pinning other people’s content. We regularly pin and work on your account, to grow your following, increase your visibility and get a higher engagement rate. 

With every pin we add on your page, we ensure that the description is optimised for the key words and topics you’d like to be found for. We also research and utilise appropriate and popular hashtags to increase your visibility online. We use search suggestions and stay on top of key trends to ensure your pins and boards are topical and popular. 

If you need help creating or managing your Pinterest business page, give our social media team a call today for a friendly chat and some helpful advice.