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Social Media Agency Newcastle

It’s time to take over the North of England with a reputable social media presence.

Allow Social Social Media Marketing Agency NewcastleMedia  Agency Newcastle to lead your social networking campaigns. With our dedicated and experienced staff, you’ll find that your reputation starts to improve and your voice heard above all of the other big brands in the city. Having a company situated in the far North can be very difficult when it comes to having to identify with the whole of England. This is because the North/South divide in the UK seems to gradually be getting bigger and, as a result, attempting to take your company from a local level and into a national one can be difficult. However, giving our company the chance to prove to you our abilities with social media and SEO, we can take you as far as you’d like to go.

Why should you take part in the phenomenon of social media marketing?

To date, 310 million people use Twitter monthly whilst 1.65 billion users are active on Facebook. If these figures don’t entice you into joining social network sites then we don’t know what will. To continue, Instagram has a following of 400 million and YouTube has over 1 billion accounts with over 100 million people watching content every day. This makes for a lot of consumers all in one small space. Plus with our services, you’ll find yourself present on more than one social networking site making your overall chance of gaining new customers even higher than if you were to just settle an account with Facebook. With huge statistics regarding social media to be a brilliant place for digitally marketing yourself to a wide array of people however, there come statistics that show that your competitors may already be ahead of you. If you’re a retailer not yet on social media you should be very worried as 91% of brands already use 2 or more social networking channels. This means that they could potentially be stealing your consumers as we speak. Don’t let your competition run away with your hard-earned customers just because you were too scared or a bit behind on the digital marketing front! Call us via the number below to enter the world of social networking with a ‘BOOM’. We’ll have your figures improving in no time.

Reasons why you should take a chance on us.

Social media as a whole can seem scary and daunting at times, especially if you’re a new company or someone that has never used social media before in your life (although this seems like a crazy thought in contemporary society!). The world of online marketing is a fast-paced 24 hour job that needs constant supervision in order to work. This means that opting for a member of your staff to do their usual duties whilst nurturing your social media presence is a far-fetched and unrealistic dream. Social networking platforms are not something that you can simply give “a quick check up” to and expect to succeed. You have to put time and effort into raising people’s awareness of your company through persistence and good customer service. Don’t believe us? 78% percent of users that opt to complain to a company via Twitter expect a response in under an hour. That doesn’t leave much time to do anything else now, does it? If you’ve read this and are thinking of hiring an in-house digital marketer then we respect your decision, however, it is important to note that in-house marketers are more expensive compared to outside agencies. Which is where Social Media Marketing Newcastle come into the picture as we are an expert company that deals with all kinds of digital marketing, such as:

  • PPC
  • Copy writing
  • PR
  • Re-targeting campaigns
  • Back-link acquisition
  • Video Marketing
  • SEO

With all of these skills then, it is very easy for us – as a team – to work on and manage your social media presence with results your company can be proud of. Dedicated to improving consumer awareness, our competence with search engine optimisation and content writing can really set your brand apart from the rest. We also pride ourselves on our ability to use a wide range of social media sites, from Facebook to Instagram, with complete effectiveness. Hire us to work your social media for you and you can expect:

  • The planning and implementing of social media campaigns
  • Reliable, fast and friendly customer interaction
  • Interesting and relevant content to draw your consumers in

Give us a ring now.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy and ethical company with the most reliable and Google accredited staff to date, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll make sure that you and your company are well ahead of your competition whilst also working to grow your reputation and overall ranking. Give us a ring on our Yorkshire-based number on 01226 491111 or drop us an email to

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