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Social Media Marketing Bristol

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. We dabble in them all.

Social Media Marketing Agency BristolHaving a channel named after your city is probably one of the best assets when it comes to helping your city get noticed on the UK map. Spanning over a large area of England, owning train and road links galore and having the Bristol Channel named after it, the city of Bristol is a great gateway between land and sea. A perfect location for any national or international company wanting to make a mark on the entirety of Britain and even the World.

No matter whether you’re a small or large company situated in the city of Bristol, we at Social Media Marketing Agency would love to work with you in helping to expand your reach and consumers. We believe that for you to be noticed in such a grand port town, you must make your company just as grand in stature and reputation. Something which our agency – with staff that have years worth of training and are Google accredited – specialises in.

There are just over 3 million companies with LinkedIn accounts.

A social network dedicated to budding professionals and companies, LinkedIn is mainly used for creating and establishing working relationships with other qualified workers. Great for boosting brand awareness among other competitors, if you’re business is a B2B then this is one of the best social networking sites to your advantage. As an organisation all you have to do is set up a company page with as much detail about yourself as possible – don’t shy away from singing your own praises –  and then connect with those that you think you could benefit from. It is that simple. As long as you make sure to update your page with news and information, LinkedIn has a lot to offer to both small and big brands.

Looking at social media sites that owe a much less serious attitude yet still have a very significant place in marketing a business, 500,000 new users are added to Facebook each day. This makes an average of 6 profiles a second, which means that more than half of your consumers are more than likely already using this platform of communication. Ultimately then, leading to the idea that if you’re not already on Facebook then you could be losing out on customers to your competitors as we speak.

What exactly can your company offer me that makes you any different to the other marketing agencies?

As a reputable online marketing company, you can expect only the best from us in regards to social media management. This means that you can expect an ethical, tailored and reliable service with no questions asked. Keeping the above ideal in mind, you can imagine then that we are a company based on building and maintaining relationships with you and your company for as long as possible. Taking pride in the fact that we spend as much time as possible getting to know you and your company, we use the information found to:

  • Devise and implement campaigns for your social media accounts
  • Create consumer-driven written contents and videos
  • Optimise your profiles to the best of our abilities

These different types of social networking strategies can increase your brand reputation and growth whilst giving your company a voice and personality to be satisfied with. If social media management on its own isn’t enough however, then we do offer other reliable services in digital marketing. Services like:

  • Back-link acquisition
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Re-targeting campaigns
  • Public Relations (PR)
  • Copy writing
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising
  • Video marketing

With a reliable and hard working team, you can expect Social Media Marketing Bristol to have these services to as great a standard as our social media maintenance. You can also expect the team to be just as dependable and friendly with any extra thoughts or services being discussed with you. We’ve not even gotten to telling you that the updates we send and run by you regarding your companies performance are constant and up to date.

Would you like a FREE social media consultation with one of our expert members of staff?

If you’re looking for a company that can take your digital marketing aims to the finish line, then look no further. Here at Social Media Marketing Agency, we live for social media management, SEO and PPC. To get in touch regarding our social media consultations, call us on 01226 491111 or email us at

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