Can Social Media Marketing Really Help My Business?

Well, we wouldn’t rave about Social Media Marketing if we didn’t think it could significantly improve your online presence.

We say that, but it only works well if you do it right. You can’t expect to move mountains with one day a month on your Facebook page and a Tweet per week. Chances are, if you’re a business, new or old, you’ll have thought of a Social Media Marketing strategy at the very least for your business. You may have even been at it a good few years! But how on Earth do you actually make a Social Media strategy convert into sales? It isn’t as difficult as you think.

Shout about your business.

Social Media Marketing’s number one goal is to shout about your business and help it to grow through the wonderful online world. There are so many social media networks on the web, (some more popular than others) that help you connect to your following. You can show your audience what you’re all about, tell them that you’re the best company in the industry and watch the likes and custom roll in. Make sure you have an effective strategy in place first!

Reach millions of potential new customers.

There are 2.80 billion Social Media users across the globe, so plenty of opportunity to reach potential new customers for your business. Each Social Media platform has it own collection of accounts, so an important thing to keep in mind is which Social Media platforms your potential customers are on. You don’t want to be creating accounts left, right and centre. Make sure you only create accounts on suitable platforms for your business, and where your target audience are located.

Customer service is key.

Social Media is a prime way of keeping in touch with your customers. With an open platform where you can send messages, make comments and share content, people are always going to be talking about your business, or have questions about your products or services. To make sure your customer service is on form, you can easily respond to queries from your followers, and encourage finding more information on your website. It can be an easy way to get that all important site traffic.


Social Media is a cost-effective way of marketing your brand and the industry you’re in. As well as simply having an online presence, Social Media platforms are an easier way to obtain low-cost advertising of your business. There are better things you can promote than others, such as your interesting content or an offer or freebie you might be giving away. It’s a lot cheaper to set up advertising on Social Media and you can also target your audience directly, which makes all the difference!

Reaching your target audience.

One of the great things about Social Media is that most of the time, your audience finds you. Of course, you can target the right audience with your ads, but for the most part, people will find you and like your page and like it themselves…you just need to market yourselves correctly! Making sure you regularly update your pages with interesting content will bring in those likes and in time, make your business grow.

Helps with SEO.

Social Media has quite the impact when it comes to your SEO. Creating the ultimate content across your pages says a big, friendly hello to Google. It will then give you that little bit more domain authority to make your site trusted that little bit more online. Every little helps! It’s definitely worth doing a little bit of research into the beauty of SEO and how it can help your Social Media Marketing strategy further.

Observe your competitors.

It may seem a little sneaky, but Social Media is an easy way to catch up with what your competitors are doing online. Do they have more followers than you? How are their posts performing? Doing your research may be an indicator of the sorts of things you may be doing that may not be working as well as they should, or the types of content that get the best engagement from your followers.

Content Calendars.

You need to make sure you’re creating the best content for your followers, and that doesn’t just mean one post per week. Creating a content calendar will ensure you always have great content to write about, and will always give you a variety of content to share on Social Media. You need to make sure it’s interesting, has a purpose, and that the readers of your content will gain something from it. Otherwise, they’ll be sure to look elsewhere!

Track your every move.

Okay, the content is there, your following is slowly growing, but keeping track of your posts and how they’re performing is a great habit to get in to too. Your followers want to see interesting content and you’ll be able to see what is working for your business. You can then plan in more content that your followers love and watch your following grow further. Success! The analytics tools you’ll find across Social Media including Facebook, Twitter an Instagram really dig deep into you pages to find out more about your following and how people are reacting to what you’re posting.

So…can a Social Media Marketing strategy really help my business?

The answer is of course, yes! Social media marketing can really make all the difference when growing your business. Through taking into account all the above points, it’s clear to see that having a good, solid strategy in place can work wonders, and drive that all important traffic to where it matters most – your site!

Need some help with a Social Media strategy that works?

If you need a little bit of help creating that strategy for your Social Media, then you’ve come to the right place! Our expert social media marketers at Bigfoot Digital will work with you to create the best possible strategy for your business and help you to get the results you need to thrive. Get in touch with our friendly team today – we’re waiting for your call!

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