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Social Media Marketing Agency DerbyWhen you look at a map of England, it’s easy to spot the city of Derby as it sits dead centre of the country with transport links from every direction. It is because the city is situated quite close to Nottingham and just off the M1, that Derby is a great city for investment when it comes to either building a company or adding a new branch to your brand family. This is why we’d like to offer any company looking for a digital marketing agency the opportunity to work with us – a company situated not too far from yourselves.

As Derby rests quite close to the Peak District, it is vital that any company use digital marketing as a way of dragging tourists to the business. It is through social media then that we can create a buzz around your company to appeal to those visiting the National Park whether you are a hotel looking for residents or a brand hoping to create more revenue through tourists. Still interested? Find out more about us and what we do below.

What we do:

Here at Social Media Marketing Derby, we aim to take your brand to the top with our digital marketing expertise. With our team offering a dedicated and personalised service, you can rest assured that your reputation will grow. In a good way. Besides being ethically motivated, we also believe in only offering services to our clients that they actually need – you’ll find that money isn’t our main agenda but your success is. That doesn’t mean that we don’t take risks or think outside of the box in order to make your company seem different to others though. We like to boast that our motto is: If it’s ethical, relevant and approved by you, we’ll give anything a try. When it comes to working out what would be beneficial to you and your company’s aims, we always make sure that before we start any social media campaigns that we have spoken with you in person. This is to determine what kind of company you lead – serious or quirky – and to also aid in establishing a long-lasting relationship. An important part to marketing for another company digitally. If you choose to work with us then, you can expect:

  • Planning and implementing of campaigns
  • Content that is interactive and lead by consumer ratings
  • An innovative and optimised profile

By using these techniques, we aim to make the personality of your brand shine out into the internet whist we also try and increase the reach of your brand to those you would call followers and consumers. In an area where so much tourism and bustle is evident, we’d like to help you stand out to both the locals of Derby and to those visiting the city. Something, we might add, that we have successfully done for many other national and international brands. Whether we took them to the top with their social media output, their website and blog-based SEO content or both services together, we got some big brands to the top of their field. If you’d like to hear about some of these case studies, our contact details are toward the bottom of the page, so get in touch.

2.3 billion people are active on social media so it’s time to make some loyal customers out of them.

That’s right, there are a lot of people out there using social media. To put it into even wider context, the amount of people that use the internet are few and far between 3.17 billion. That means that most of the people who utilise the internet do so with social media at their backs. From these statistics, it is safe to assume that social networking is the biggest thing on the internet and is, more than likely, only used as a means of communication for some people. With all of these statistics in mind, we’re sure that you – as a business – can work out that social media is a force to be reckoned with. On an asset level, of course.

If these statistics don’t give you much in terms of whether social networking is really right for your business – we believe that social media is the step forward for any company – then think of the platforms of Facebook and Twitter as televisions. This is because anything that goes live on social media meets roughly the same amount of people’s attention as television does. They’re both again similar in the ideal that anything eye-catching will stop people in their tracks making them look at your advertising. However, where you pay a fortune for television, you pay less for digital marketing.

So which one is more appealing to you now?

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We’re a friendly bunch of people with big ideas and large ambitions for any company seeking to market themselves with us. If you give us a call now then the next company that we work with could be you! If you’d like to get in touch with us by phone our number is 01226 491111 or if you prefer the less direct approach our email is

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