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Social Media Marketing Doncaster

Get your Doncaster based company on the social media map with Social Media Marketing Agency.

Social Media Marketing Agency DoncasterSituated close to both Sheffield and Wakefield, the town of Doncaster can sometimes be overshadowed by the large and somewhat prosperous cities surrounding it. A beautiful town full of history and greenery, Doncaster has plenty to offer with unique museums and a convenient nightlife for the young adult or over. As a Yorkshire based company, Social Media Marketing Agency welcomes you to give us a call for any help that you may need with your social media presence. Whether you’re a large or small business or an international or national company, we’d love to work with you in your goals of becoming one of the best businesses in your field.

Why do we specialise and offer such a service as social media management?

At Social Media Marketing Agency in Doncaster, we believe that social media is one of the most important forms of marketing in contemporary society. This is due to so many people being a part of the online communication phenomenon of social networking. Dominated by ages old and young, each social media platform has a mass of users that your company could do with reaching out to. Looking at just a few of the top social networking sites, the list below shows the number of people signed up with each one:

LinkedIn: 300 million subscribers

Facebook: 1.65 billion subscribers

Instagram: 400 million subscribers

YouTube: 1 billion+ subscribers

Twitter: 320 million subscribers

It can be gathered from this information that these websites are a breeding ground for customers and that those who are already on these platforms are more than likely seeing the difference that it makes each day. Ultimately, not taking advantage of social media puts you behind your competitors by a long mile whilst also making your organisation look like a dinosaur. Most people these days use the internet as a way of finding out about certain companies so for you to not have much of a presence is company suicide in a way. If people can’t access a lot of information about a company then they won’t bother with it at all. Not all mystery is a good thing.

What do we do that makes us so special? That’s easy to answer!

Social media as a whole can be scary sometimes, especially if you’re a new company or someone that has never used social media before. The planet of online marketing is a fast-paced all day job that needs constant supervision in order for any company’s account to flourish. You cannot simply have a quick once over when it comes to checking your accounts and expect your followers and shares to improve. Someone has to man the digital desk in order for people to remember that you are still around. It is because of this then, that we advise any brand to opt for an outside agency – whether it’s us or another company – to work your social media campaigns. An outside agency is cheaper and they know how to treat consumers on these platforms without upsetting anyone or ignoring them. Trust us, ignoring a complaint from a customer is the worst thing you can do. The proof is in the numbers; 78% percent of users that opt to complain to a company via Twitter expect a response in under an hour. Now imagine giving your social networking sites a quick once over every three hours. The amount of problems that could occur within that time are huge. At Social Media Marketing Doncaster, we put your company and it’s consumers first by making sure that your social networking sites are constantly managed and that your voice is both friendly but serious. We do this by using strategies like:

  • The planning and implementing of social media campaigns
  • Reliable, fast and friendly customer interaction
  • Interesting and relevant content to draw your consumers in

Within our core Social Media Marketing Agency umbrella however, we do have years of experience and expert knowledge in other parts of digital marketing such as:

  • PPC
  • Copy writing
  • PR
  • Re-targeting campaigns
  • SEO
  • Back-link acquisition
  • Video Marketing

Dedicated to improving consumer awareness, our expertise with search engine optimisation and content writing will really set your brand apart from your competition. Choosing to add these services with our social media management will also give you a coherent voice throughout the entirety of your digital campaign making your brand more likeable and trustworthy from a consumers point of view. Which is the only view you should be really interested in.

Getting in contact is easy.

We offer a FREE social media consultation to those looking to expand their social networking reach and offer a 60 day money back guarantee if we find that you’re not 100% happy with the services given and the changes made to your company’s online presence. We offer this service as we truly believe in ourselves and the ethics that we follow here at Social Media Marketing Yorkshire and we hope that you’re as blown away with our online tactics as our other clients have been. Our telephone number is 01226 491111 and our email address is so get in touch with us today.

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