The A-Z Of Social Media Marketing – Part Two!

Social Media Marketing doesn’t need to be a core. Do you know your pins from your reach?

Part one of our A-Z of Social Media Marketing mentioned some terms you may or may not have been familiar with. Either way, you need to take into account each of them if you are to create a strategy that works. Part two continues our list – which areas are you lacking in?

N – News feed

Every Social Media platform has a news feed. A place where you see posts and content from everyone you follow. The place where your potential customers will see the content that you post! Again, it’s really important that your content is fresh and attractive to others. If it doesn’t catch their eye, how can you expect it to be noticed by others and why would they want to engage with it?

O –

This site, as well as others such as, allow you to shorten web links. The beauty of this on different platforms is that you don’t have to take up a huge about of your character allowance with a web link and it also looks a lot tidier when viewing a post. Having a post that includes a huge website may look a little spammy to your followers, and they may not be as inclined to click on it or interact with it.

P – Pinned posts

A pinned post is a post that is ‘pinned’ to the top of your Social Media page. Pinned posts are proven to get a lot more engagement than any of your other posts, so really think about what content you pin. It could be a really informative piece for your followers or it could even be something like a competition or offer. Make sure it is something your followers will find valuable!

Q – Quote

Being a good one for Twitter, Quoting Tweets allows you to share with your own followers what someone has already shared. We don’t mean steal their ideas for yourself, but if you’ve seen something that would be really beneficial for your followers, you can quote it and also mention the page or person that has originally posted.

R – Retargeting

Retargeting is a clever advertising technique, where you can send content specifically to followers who have visited you page once or twice. We’ve all seen it. You’ve visited a site, and then you start seeing ads and promoted content from that very company! This is retargeting, and it gets your followers back to your page.

S – Scheduling

If you’re running multiple Social Media pages, scheduling is the way to go. You don’t want to be logging in to loads of different Social Media platforms multiple times a day to upload content, or you’ll not get anything done! We recommend looking into Social Media Management tools, where you can organise your pages and track the content you’ve put out there. You can also analyse your posts to see what is working for you and your business.

T – Twitter

Twitter is the place to be if you’re a business. Even though it is fast-paced and you’ll need to post multiple times per day, businesses can really benefit from this platform. There are 330 million daily active users on Twitter, so your business really needs some sort of presence. Again, scheduling in advance will be a big advantage for this platform.

U – User Generated Content

This is where companies use content provided by the customer or follower. We all remember the Coca Cola craze, where everyone bought bottles of the drink with their names on. The company themselves asked people to share their images and experience, and it soon became the customers doing all the advertising! User generated content is a great way of getting new content to add to the schedule and crediting your followers for their content is sure to paint you as a more trustworthy company.

V – Video Marketing

Video is fast becoming the most important way to market a business, and over the next few years it will only get bigger! 87% of online marketers are using video content in their strategies and people are much more happy to view a video than a huge paragraph of text. Get creative and start making those videos!

W – Webinar

Online webinars are the go-to place if you want to learn more about Social Media, or anything else in the industry for that matter! Top people in the business tend to market their seminars across the web and often talk about issues or areas around Social Media. You can often learn a great deal about the Social Media industry which you can then implement into your business’ Social Media Marketing strategy.

Y – YouTube

The popular video sharing channel will only get more popular over the next few years, so looking into creating more videos is a great idea and will benefit your business. The platform is easy to use and gives you the ability to save other videos, subscribe to different channels and edit your own videos.

So there you have it, our A-Z of Social Media Marketing is complete. Have you taken into account each point and how they can benefit your business? It is worth it, we guarantee you!

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