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Social Media Marketing Sheffield

Use social media to extend your South Yorkshire reach.

27499627 - sheffield town hall is a building in the city of sheffield, englandAlthough Leeds has the renowned name of ‘capital of the North’, Sheffield is a close second for the fact that so many brands – big and small – are driven there to do just as much business. With a city centre that spans far, a large shopping centre adorned with a multitude of brands and easy access from motorways, Sheffield is a thriving city for business. With a city alive with enterprise, however, comes the need for strategic online marketing so as not to be overshadowed by other brands in the area. Which is where we, Social Media Marketing Agency Sheffield, come into the works. As an established digital marketing company, situated in the heart of Yorkshire, we know exactly what is needed in terms of planning and implementing online campaigns for your national (or international) Sheffield based brand.

Social media is the way to go.

As more and more social media sites pop up, it is becoming increasingly more important for brands to get involved with their clients on these platforms. At this time last year, there were 176 million less people signed up with social media and the odds look like the numbers are only going to increase each year. This means to get familiar with the current sites and to start building your brand online now would provide you with an advantage compared to brands just starting out or who have yet to realise the benefits of social media. This is probably why you’re here now. You may have realised the impact that social media is having on competitors in your area and will want to catch them before they get too far away.

When looking at social media as a way of advertising your company, you must first look at what platforms are best for targeting your consumers. This means that if you’re targeting people around the ages of 45 then the most effective form of social network is Facebook. Although we believe that company’s should all be on Facebook due to the huge reach that the site emits. With business statistics soaring from 62% of Facebook consumers using their accounts as a means of signing into company websites, it would be madness not to sign up with the network.

Why choose us out of all of the other marketing firms out there?

As one of the best Marketing firms in Barnsley, Social Media Marketing Agency are known and praised for dedicating a lot of time and effort into client projects. This is mainly due to the fact that we keep you – the company –  in the loop at all times by filling in regular reports on how the company is progressing digitally due to our work. We are also a firm that strongly believes in strong relationships with our client’s in order for us to work together to achieve the best possible results possible. If we get to know you well, we’ll get to know the company and it’s personality even better.

If you’re wondering what plans we put into place when it comes to taking on social media assignments, the first move we make is to ensure that we know who your target audience is and what your overall company aims and personality are. For instance, if you’re a creative company with a flair for the weird and wonderful then we’ll make sure to reflect this on your social account. The same goes for those with a more serious tone. After we’ve gotten to know your needs, we then apply our expert knowledge into managing your social accounts by:

Establishing relevant campaign plans and implementing them

Interacting with your consumers and followers

Creating attention grabbing and suited content

Optimising your profile to beat your competition

As soon as we start the above process, you’ll then start to see your followers and consumers grow from the interaction and easy availability that social media gives you. It doesn’t end with us just simply improving your online footprint however, as we will send you constant reports informing you of the improvements and changes to your reputation and digital outreach. It is also important to add that any ideas like competitions or outstanding campaigns that we may come up with, you will be the first person we talk to and it will be your choice overall of whether we roll with the ideas or not. As we like to admit, we exist only to help business’ and their owners flourish in saturated and highly competitive markets.

Go on, give us a quick bell.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy and ethical company full of competent and reliable staff, then pick up the phone and call our team today. If you’re unsure of whether we’re really as good as we say we are, then we’ll give you examples of our past work and campaigns with reputable brand we have worked with. Call 01226 491111 for a quick chat or drop us an email at

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