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Social Media Marketing Wakefield

It’s time to wake your Wakefield company up on social media.

A city famous for its cathedral’s 75 metre spire and Trinity Walk shopping centre, Wakefield is a busy little city that has much to offer to shoppers and businesses alike. With two train stations based in the centre an53580647 - county hall in wakefield.d easy access to motorways, this West Yorkshire based city is perfect for those hoping to build relationships outside and within their company.

Here at Social Media Marketing Agency in Wakefield, we aim to help you create the largest and most sought after social media presence when it comes to your company and what it stands for. With years of experience in digital marketing and plenty of happy clients, we know that we can deliver smart and long-lasting results.

Why you should choose us above all the other agency’s out there.

At Social Media Marketing Wakefield, we work hard to make sure that your company’s mutter is turned into a loud enough roar to echo across the whole of the internet. With a team that offers a personalised and dedicated service, we promise you that your company will be in good hands throughout your entire online journey. It’s a promise that we don’t take lightly. As we are a reliable and ethically motivated company you can rest assured that we do everything by the legal books, however, this doesn’t mean that we don’t think and work outside of the box when it comes to taking control of your social media. We believe that to be noticed you have to go that extra mile, no matter how different it is to your competitors. It is longer lasting and more memorable to be recognised as the company that blew up the internet with it’s unique idea than to be remembered for saying something before or a little better than your competitors. The services that you can expect from our company and team when it comes to handling and maintaining your social network voice is:

  • Campaigns that are planned and implemented to a ‘T’
  • Content that is consumer-driven – this includes text and video content
  • Profile optimisation

All of these services cannot simply work on their own, however, as our team needs to understand the aims and personality of your business. This means that we like to establish a working relationship with you and your organisation from the get go so that we understand what is needed to achieve your overall social media goals. It is the relationships that we build with our clients that we pride ourselves on as a company as these are usually very long lasting and effective. A perfect foundation when it comes to implementing campaigns.

Not only do we provide state of the art services when it comes to social media maintenance but we also offer other forms of digital marketing that our team is just as successful and experienced with. Some of our forms of digital marketing other than social media attendance are:

  • PPC
  • Copy writing
  • Re-targeting campaigns
  • PR
  • Back-link acquisition
  • Video Marketing
  • SEO

If you were to opt for some of these other services along with our social media marketing scheme then, the results of your campaigning would be stronger as the overall online personality and voice of your company would be the same. You don’t have to take our word for it however, we have plenty of case studies for you to take a look at from having worked with previous national and international brands. Whether they were big or small, we have helped them all.

What does a good social media presence mean for my company?

In a world becoming increasingly more internet orientated, a large and loud internet presence is essential in appealing to your audience. This is because so many people use social media as a means of gaining news and information, as a way of communicating with individuals and brands and as a simple means of being noticed whether they’re promoting themselves or a blog. A study by Nielsen in 2011 showed that the amount of content shared every day was that of a whopping 27 million which illustrates how easily it is for your company’s content to be lost within everyone else’s. It’s a scary thought to think that you are competing against a mass of voices, isn’t it?

Although some statistics can be terrifying and leave you wondering why you should bother with social media, there are other data that makes you realise that it is one of the quickest ways of connecting with a large amount of people. For instance, in the US alone 72% of online adults visit Facebook at least once a month so you can only imagine the results for use in Britain. To follow with even more positive news, it’s been found that half of those that use the internet but do not use Facebook themselves live with someone who does so they’re still likely to hear about your company’s campaigns from them.

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Are you looking for a company that will put your best interests ahead of their own? You’ve come to the right place. Here at Social Media Agency we are a dedicated, trustworthy and reliable lot that work hard to help you race ahead of the competition when it comes to digital marketing. If this sounds like your sort of company then get in touch straight away at either 01226 491111 or

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