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Social Media Marketing York

Let the beauty of your York company shine through your social media accounts.

7300072 - york minster in york, englandArguably one of the most beautiful cities of England, York is ram packed with business and investment. In the wide open heart of the city you’ll find all of the large national and international companies such as Topshop and Poundland and then hidden within the narrow cobbled streets, you’ll find some of the quirkiest stores imaginable. It is a city dedicated to the professional and big-time shoppers. However, with endless streets lined full of shops and companies it can be difficult to catch the attention of both tourists and the 182,000 people living in the city.

At Social Media Marketing York, we pride ourselves on giving brands and organisations a powerful and stable voice. This is because social media these days is a huge part of helping a business grow and to be able to start the domino effect, a company needs to be given a reliable, honest and somewhat reputable voice. As this domino effect and the brand personality continues, a company pace will pick up and be propelled higher than usually could be if chosen not to take on a social network. It is through social media that some brands have gotten as far as they have.

40 million small businesses have active Facebook pages.

As you can imagine, the above statistic means that if you’re a small business looking to get ahead of the rest of your competition then the first port of call is to amend your social media presence. The reason for this is that your competition will be getting views and interaction as you read this and it may be that the only communication they get a day is one person but that, in effect, is one more person than you without a social media presence. In a world where the internet is a core part of society, it seems only fitting that you take your business to the same level. At Social Media Marketing York, we work hard to tailor and dedicate a full blown social media campaign for your company so as to help it grow and thrive digitally. It is with social media that a small business like yours can really make an impact on your consumers and current competition. In a good way, of course.

500 million people visit Twitter without logging in every month.

If you’re a large company who already has a social media output but it doesn’t seem to be dragging in many consumers then we can help you to secure your place in the world wide social web. It’s easy, when you’re a large company, to overlook certain marketing strategies as you may already have a thriving business, however, with social media sites hosting the most web traffic it seems like madness not to get in with the crowd. Especially as social media is one of the fastest and most interactive ways to get information out on a mass scale to your customers. If you’d like to know more about what we – an experienced digital marketing agency – can do for you, then get in touch with us.

Why should I opt for Social Media Marketing Agency in York?

With a CEO who has over 20 years of experience, Social Media Marketing York’s staff are inspired to work to the best of their ability. Regarded very highly for their years worth of experience and friendly attitude, our staff are Google certified and dedicated to you and your companies goals. Goals that they will learn about as soon as possible so that every digital marketing campaign can be tailored to you. The social media strategies that we implement when looking after your social network accounts are as such:

  • Planning and implementing campaigns
  • Creating interactive and consumer-led content
  • Making sure that you’re profile is innovative and optimised

Having worked with plenty of national and international companies – both big and small – we can assure you that you don’t have to take our word for it. Instead you can take the word of some of the companies that we have successfully worked with by reading some of their case studies. If you’d prefer to have a mix and match service with different types of digital media involved then we do offer other services. These services range from search engine optimisation to content production and pay-per-click advertising to back-linking. If you like the sound of these different types of digital media or are simply interested in social media management, our contact details are below and we offer a FREE social media consultation.

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