Social Media and SEO: What Do You Need To Know?

Marketers around the globe will always talk about the topic of Social Media and SEO – it’s a given!

We know that Social Media and SEO go hand in hand, and the impact one can have on the other can really make a difference to your online presence. It’ll always be high up on a business’ priority list, providing they’re clued up on the technical stuff. But how can Social Media help SEO and why should you make the effort with it?

The importance of Social Media in SEO.

SEO is one of those things that’s constantly changing. The changes in algorithms have resulted in Google prioritising the importance of Social Media in search engine rankings to a degree, so the information you put on your pages and the content you share is important! These days, SEO is much more than making sure your keywords are in your meta description and URL. Great content and Social Media are essential to ensure you achieve a higher search engine ranking.

Building your audience.

Social Media is great for building your following. The content you publish on your Social Media pages will be tailored to your target audience – why wouldn’t it be?! To get to that point however, it takes a bit of work to¬†get to know your audience and what they both like and expect to see from your business. You could believe that your business is the best out there for your products or services, but if no one knows about you and can’t find you online, they’re not going to know you exist. There are 2.8 billion people on Social Media today, so promoting your brand where your audience spend time is a no brainer.

So, how does SEO link to all this? Well, click-through rates have an impact on search engine rankings, meaning that when people click through to your website from Social Media posts or from a call to action, you’re making Google very happy. The bigger your audience gets, the more direct traffic you’ll send to your website. Now is the time to make friends with Social Media, not shy away from it!

However, make sure you keep an eye on the quality of your followers. Google has eyes everywhere and will be able to detect any untrusted sites or accounts. Make sure you grow your following organically and don’t fall into a spammy trap!

Promote, promote, promote!

There’s no doubt about it – Social Media helps the promotion of your brand and website. But did you realise how popular Video Marketing is getting? YouTube is actually the 2nd search engine choice of internet users, losing out to Google which obviously grabs the top spot. With people going straight to a social platform to search for video instead of going through Google first should set those alarm bells ringing. Using YouTube can have a positive effect on SEO performance for your site. Creating videos around your brand and about your business and industry can be great for grabbing shared links from followers or industry professionals.

However, YouTube doesn’t bring in all the converting leads – that’s down to Google, and YouTube doesn’t provide much SEO value for your videos on YouTube itself. A great way of introducing your amazing videos to Google is to embed them into your site and grab those all important high quality back links.¬†YouTube is a prime example of why Social Media and SEO is something to get nailed down!


Obtaining a range of high quality links for your site is another reason why Social Media and SEO work together. When you fill your Social Media pages up with content and links to your site, the more your audience will be likely to see it, engage with it, and look into your business further. Putting the right interesting content on your Social Media pages can really make a difference. The more popular it is with your followers, the people will visit it – it’s as simple as that!

It’s not only your trusty followers that will see your content either. If the content is right, external sites and other high quality pages will be more inclined to share your links too, giving Google another reason to trust your website. Attracting potential links should be a part of your plan from day one.

Optimise your posts.

What are people more likely to search for on the web? Optimising your Social Media posts will help Google recognise you. It tends to favour popular updates on Social, placing them at the top of Google SERPs. Make sure your content is interesting with the right keywords in the title to maximise the chances of coming up in search results.

You also need to make sure your content is shareable. You’ve got your titles spot on, but what use is that if people have clicked on your content to find that it’s not actually what they thought it was? Write content that people will want to read that also gives people a better idea of your business and the products and services you provide, as well as using the right keywords to make people want to engage with it . Google will be satisfied!

Brand Awareness.

The SEO benefit of increasing your brand awareness on Social Media can be huge. Getting a name for yourself and being that positive business that everyone loves to see posts from will give your website a boost, through increased engagement and high quality content. The more brand awareness you can create, the more searches on Google you’ll get, meaning you’ll begin to rank that little bit better. Dedication is key!

Any questions?

If you’re still wondering how Social Media affects SEO or if you’re still feeling in the dark and you have a million questions running through your head, get in touch with us today. Our Social Media experts can give you advice about where to start with Social Media and SEO, or with any changes you could make to your current strategy that may give you a boost!

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