Don’t Spam Your Social Media Followers!

Your Social Media followers don’t need their news feeds filled with unnecessary posts.

Neither do they want to see a huge volume of them! Spam on Social Media can be anything from posting too many times a day or constantly posting content that really isn’t necessary. Content that isn’t related to your business or your industry, and just something that might ‘bring in the likes’. But is grabbing those likes from people who are not really interested in your business and industry still worth it?

No, of course not! When it comes to Social Media, it’s all about quality, not quantity.

Even though getting likes, comments, share, retweets, or whatever it is is great, this isn’t the right way to do it, and definitely doesn’t give you exposure to the right audience. These people may share your content to spam sites or Social Media pages and will make genuine customers lose your trust and look elsewhere, which is something no business wants or needs.

There may be times when working on your Social Media strategy where you may be spamming your followers, without actually realising it! Getting your strategy spot on and realising when those posts are getting a little too out of the ordinary is the first step.

Go over your strategy.

The best way to begin reassessing your strategy is to give it the once over, and better still, get other members of the team to give it another opinion. There is nothing better than a fresh pair of eyes to notice anything that may stand out as being a little ‘too much’ or a little out of the ordinary to what people expect from a company in your industry.

Post the right amount of content.

Posting way too much on your Social Media pages is obvious to your followers. Just imagine them scrolling through their news feeds one day, only to find reams and reams of posts from yourself! If this was something you saw, what would be the first thing you’d do? Exactly. You’d either unfollow the page because you’re irritated with the amount you’re seeing from one individual company, or you’d hide posts from them. This is obviously bad for business as these people will then never see any of your other posts.

There are certain amounts of posts that you should post on different Social Media sites that are seen to be the optimum number. The guidelines for posting on social media sites are:

  • Facebook – once per day.
  • Twitter – 15 per day.
  • Pinterest – 11 per day.
  • LinkedIn – once per day.
  • Google+ – twice per day.
  • Instagram – 1 or 2 times per day.

However, after having a test of posting these amounts, you may find that posting more or less works better for you. However, if your posts get no engagement, you may find you’re spamming your audience a little too much, or that you’re not posting at the right times. Doing a little research will help to find the right balance, but the guidelines for the appropriate amount of times to post are:

  • Facebook – Each day, 1-4pm.
  • Twitter – Each day, around 12-3pm.
  • Pinterest – Evenings, 8-11pm.
  • LinkedIn –  The middle of the week, between Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Google+ – The start of the work day, between 9-11am.
  • Instagram – Monday and Thursday at any time other than 3-4pm.

Post the right content.

It seems a really obvious issue, but to prevent spamming, you should really be posting relevant and interesting content to your followers. Of course you should! If you’re posting content that gone ‘viral’ because you want the likes, or content that doesn’t really link back to you or your business or industry, then you’re wasting your time.

People who have liked or followed your pages are the people who want to see things about you. They want to see posts about your services, the products you offer, otherwise they wouldn’t be on your page! It’s important to look after your Social Media followers and posting content that is relevant.

Don’t overdo the hashtags.

Yes, we know that hashtags are great, but when you’re tagging hundreds of words in your posts, it flags up as spam on the radars of social media users. Hashtags are a great way to get your content categorised and noticed by the right people, but only if you use relevant tags and don’t over do it! There are even some great sites out there that does all the hard work for you in terms of hashtag research and finding out the most popular tags in your area or industry. The more you get to grips with the tags you use, the easier you will find using them. Make sure you vary the tags you use too, so you’re not constantly using the same thing over and over.

See anything out of the ordinary?

Block it! Even if it reduces your following, you don’t need spam accounts following your pages. Having these accounts will not bring you any custom, so it’s best to get rid of them altogether. Reporting them is also a good way to ensure that other accounts aren’t spammed too. You’ll be doing the world a favour!

Are you worried you might be spamming your audience a little too much? Perhaps you need some help with creating a Social Media marketing strategy, or need some social media tips on how to create effective Facebook and Twitter marketing campaigns. You’ve come to the right place!

At Bigfoot Digital, we pride ourselves on the knowledge and expertise of our Social Media team. We’ve helped clients in a variety of industries get to where they need to be on social media, through significantly increasing their following, producing that all important creative and interested content to post as well as directing these customers to company websites to drive more traffic. If this is something we can help you with, get in touch with us today – you’ll be amazed at how we can transform the way you see Social Media for your business.

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