Why Should Your Website Have A Business Blog?

Having a business blog on your website can really make all the difference.

…and we’re not just saying that! When your potential new customers visit your site, they’ll more than likely want to see that you’re active and that you’re not one of those businesses that have an existing shell as a website. We’ve all seen them, and quite frankly they don’t do anything to sell your business. The reasons for keeping an up to date business blog are rather extensive – some are more beneficial than others but all work together to become essential for a great site.

Blogging is an extremely valuable asset to your business’ website. It’s another way to engage with your customers regularly, it gives you extra content to share on social media pages as well as improving your SEO. After reading our reasons for creating a blog, you’ll definitely want to take up the activity!

Your story.

One of the main reasons why people start writing a regular blog is to tell their story, their opinions and discuss their experiences with others. The same applies to a business blog! Having a business blog on your site enables you to create loads of content for your customers to read, which will give them a better insight to your company.

What sort of content do you include in a blog post? Well, the answer to this question very much depends on the type of business you are. If you provide a service, you might wish to discuss with people what those services include, or discuss an issue that’s recently been in the news. If you sell products, you could use your business blog to write about what your products do, or highlight a group of products that work together. The ideas for writing content can be endless! If you need a little more inspiration for your blog writing, it may be worth research other business blogs by doing a simple Google search for business news blogs or business blog examples.

It’s great for SEO.

The web loves sites that have regular new content, so a blog is such an easy way to grab this boost! Make sure your content includes trusted links, popular keywords and the correct titles and you will be rewarded. Using a trusted site to create your blog such as WordPress will really help too.

It’s important to optimise your content to make it more noticeable. Do some research into keywords and what people are looking for on the web – and make sure you vary them! You can include different links to external sites and ones that link back to other blog posts or service pages on your business site, as well as using relevant and great-quality images.

Make it look the part with minimal effort.

Using a reliable site as previously mentioned makes it ridiculously easy to create stylish and easy-to-navigate blogs that fit in with your brand. You can choose a theme, or create your own unique style that will keep your site consistent and will actually make people want to look at it!

Also, making your blog readable will encourage people to read past the first sentence. There’s nothing worse than filling a blog post up with lots of hard to read jargon that your customers don’t understand. Yes, you might look like you know what you’re talking about on a high level, but it’s not interesting to most of your customers.

Customer interaction.

Creating a business blog enables your customers to ask you more questions about a product or service. When you set up a blog, there’s usually an option to comment on something that has been posted. Encourage your customers to ask for more information if needed and get that conversation flowing!¬†As well as the option to comment, creating your business blog gives you creative content to share across your social media pages. Of course, with social media comes more interaction! Sharing your interesting content across your social media platforms is another way to get it seen and hopefully even shared!

It’s cost effective.

The more you post and the more regularly you post new content is great for loads of reasons, but it’s also a long term marketing tool. You can always dip into the content you created months ago, and continue to provide information to your customers, new and old. Each time you post and repost, you’re providing more brand awareness through sharing your products and services.

Keep a track of your readers.

Through using blog insights, you can easily see who your audience are and what they’re looking at. What is the most popular content on your blog? Where are most of your blog readers based? How about finding out where your blog clicks are coming from? This is a really good way of keeping a track of your content, which is the kind of content that your customers want to read, and which content they aren’t reacting to. It may also give you more ideas for content down the line.

How to create a business blog.

You know the benefits and why you’re business needs a blog. But how do you create a business blog?

  1. Decide on a trustworthy platform. It’s worth doing a bit of research and testing out some sites first to really find one that you like and that will be easy to keep up with.
  2. Choose your design. Again, make sure your theme and style fit in with your business.
  3. Domain name. Choose a recognisable name that fits with your business.
  4. Get writing! The content is at your fingertips – you just need to get creative.

Need help creating engaging content to share across your social media? Perhaps you want to know how to create a schedule or strategy for your content, or simply need a crash course in blogging. Look no further!

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